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In its life cycle, an adult flounder has two eyes situated on one side of its head, where at hatching one eye is located on each side of its brain. One eye migrates to the other side of the body as a process of metamorphosis as it grows from larval to juvenile stage. As an adult, a flounder changes its habits and camouflages itself by lying on the bottom of the ocean floor as protection against predators. As a result the eyes move to the side facing upwards. The side which the eyes migrate to is dependent on the species type.

Flounder ambush their prey, feeding at soft muddy areas of the sea bottom, near bridge piles, docks and coral reefs and have been also found at the bottom of the Mariana trench, the deepest known location on the Earth's crust. Swiss scientist Jacques Piccard and US Navy Lt. Don Walsh reached a depth of 10,916 m (35,813 ft) and were surprised to discover sole or flounder about 30 cm long.

Their diet consists mainly of fish spawn, crustaceans, polychaetes and small fish.

Flounder grow to a length of typically 12.5 cm to 37.5 cm (5 to 15 in) and can sometimes grow to as large as 45 cm (18 in). Their width is about half of their length.

World stocks of large predatory fish and large ground fish such as sole and flounder were estimated in 2003 to be only about 10% of pre-industrial levels, largely due to over fishing. Most over fishing is due to the extensive activities of the fishing industry.[2][3][4] Current estimates suggest that approximately 30 million flounder (excluding sole) are alive in the world today. Current research indicate that the flounder population could be as low as 15 million due to heavy over fishing and industrial pollution along the Gulf of Mexico surrounding the coast of Texas.

According to Seafood Watch, Atlantic flounder and sole are currently on the list of seafood that sustainability-minded consumers should avoid..

Information courtesy of Wikipedia



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